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Arty Parties: FAQs


Question 1: Do I have to be able to draw or paint already?

Answer: Not at all! You will be guided through each step and given as much help as you need. It's a fun opportunity to give something a go that you've never tried before. And you may well surprise yourself...!


Question 2: So will I be bored if I can already paint?

Answer: Definitely not! Hayley will be responsive to each person's level of ability. There is no requirement to stick to the steps and design covered in the session. You can put your own spin on the task, or do your own thing entirely! If nothing else, the event will provide the time, space, equipment and atmosphere to allow you to be your creative self with no other demands.


Question 3: Do people drink alcohol at the events?

Answer: The events at The New Inn are in a pub so there is easy access to a licensed bar and people are welcome to go for hot, cold, soft and alcoholic drinks and bring them back to the party room at their leisure. 


Question 4: What is the light buffet?

Answer: At the New Inn, the landlady Linda provides a wonderful spread of breads, pates, meats, salads, dips, breads, crackers, crisps etc. It is a little different every time depending on what f Linda has available at the time but we always check any dietary requirements and tailor it to those. 


Question 5: Do you provide food at private events?

Answer: Any events arranged at The New Inn will include the light buffet if wanted. Hayley does not provide food for events organised elsewhere but this can be arranged directly with the hosting venue if desired.


Question 6: Are children welcome at private parties?

Answer: At private events, it is up to the host to decide whether they wish to include children. In my experience, children aged 10 and over are generally able to participate and enjoy the event. Younger children are likely to need a lot of support that would need to be provided by their parent/carer otherwise it would distract from the instruction Hayley is able to give to the rest of the party guests. Just bear in mind that a parent managing a child would not have the same opportunity to work on their own canvas. I am happy to discuss this with customers during the organisation of the event.


Question 7: Are children welcome at the pre-arranged New Inn events?

Answer: At the New Inn, mature children aged ten and above are usually welcome unless a group of adults have purchased tickets and have expressed a preference for it to be adult only. Please let me know when buying a ticket if it is intended for a child so we can ensure it is workable.


Question 8: Do you do children's parties?

Answer: This is something I would definitely be happy to discuss. I often work in schools and have DBS clearance and am happy to look at your requirements to see if we can plan something that would work for your child


Question 9: What is the maximum number of guests?

Answer: I don't tend exceed 8-10 people at my parties at the New Inn. If you were organising a bigger event, I would ask an additional artist to assist me for every ten additional guests. 


Question 10: What equipment is provided?

Answer: I provide tables easels, paints, brushes (and other mark making tools), mixing pallets, water, cloths, aprons, table coverings, canvases, templates and instruction sheets where needed.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. My telephone number, email address and social media links are all available at the link below.

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