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Hayley originally graduated as a psychologist and worked in this capacity for more than ten years.  After having children, she took a career break to focus on family and ended up making the decision to go back to university to pursue a passion for art that had been there since her own childhood.


After a mind blowing artistic experience on the art and design foundation course at DMU, she was awarded the Christopherson Award for her animated film about motherhood It's About Feeling Loved.  She went on to achieve a First Class degree in Fine Art at Loughborough University where her final piece was an installation about family relationships, incorporating poetry and sound.

Despite these exciting contemporary explorations, Hayley found herself with a remaining frustration that she still had not done enough drawing and painting.  Since then, she has made up for it, using a variety of media to create bold, colourful imagery that expresses something of herself.

Hayley continues to explore the language of art, which she has found to be even more powerful in understanding herself and the world than psychology was.  The psychologist in her still loves to relate to others and she enjoys running or being involved in projects that encourage others to experience the power of artistic expression.

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