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Creative Mentoring

hand built lantern.JPG
pastel expression.jpg
puppet theatre.jpg

Images show examples of work created in mentoring sessions with children aged 10-13

My journey as a creative mentor has started with The Mighty Creatives, an amazing midlands based charity whose focus is on promoting the power of creativity and ensuring all young people have an opportunity to experience it.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting children and young people on a one-to-one basis and helping them find artistic materials and methods that inspire and engage them.  I would love to open this opportunity to older people and to young people who do not meet the criteria for the charity work I do.  I have seen through my own experience of motherhood how our screen based society has limited opportunities for people to get creative with real materials and to make artworks with textures, marks and properties that are lost when viewed through a screen.

If you are interested in finding out more about this process, please contact me and take a read of this blog post, in which I go into more detail about how creative mentoring works, and the kind of activities you can expect to experience.

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