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I welcome opportunities to produce commissioned artworks.  Please do not hesitate to email me with your request so we can discuss what you need and I can provide a quote.  If you would like to understand more about the commissioning process, you may be interested to read a blog post I wrote about how I approach commissions.  This would give you a good idea of what to expect.

Review Dec 2021 "Hayley is an amazing artist who captured my son in a beautiful painting...

Garden Art

I create weatherproof art for the garden by using masonry paint on slate tiles.  I have a number of designs to choose from (from £50) but can also be commissioned to produce something bespoke such as this panoramic view of St Ives.  


Please see here for more details.  




I love painting portraits and can work from good quality photographs or from life.  Prices start at £75 for an A4 size image.

Please email me or call me if you want to discuss a possible commission.

Review March 2021 "Hayley painted a portrait of mum.  It is amazing, so lifelike it still brings me to tears.  I'll treasure it forever"

A Special Place

A painting of a favourite or significant place can make a great gift for a loved one.  Prices start at £75 for an A4 image.

If you would like to discuss ideas, please email me or call me

Review March 2021 "Hayley has a unique style and amazing eye for detail...she did a wonderful job"

Murals/large scale paintings

One of my favourite things is to paint on a large scale.  I have painted garden murals and backdrops for theatre sets.

Please email me or call me if there is a project you think I can help with


Colour-themed Abstract Art

Sometimes it's nice just to express yourself with colour.  If you need some contemporary art for a particular room, I can do something bespoke, or even bring materials to help you make something yourself! 

Please email me or call me if you have something in mind.


Pet Portraits

I often get asked if I can do pet portraits. Yes, I can.  I love to capture the personality of a beloved pet.  Prices start at £75 for an A4 sized image.  Please email me or call me for more information.

Feedback Feb 2021 "That's stunning! Look how well you've captured her!  It's even better in real life!"

For more reviews, please visit my review page

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